About the artist

About Geoline

Greetings! I am Geoline, painter and photographer artist from Romania. I am more than happy that you are now reading these words, it means that at some point my artwork caught your attention and this really makes me feel thankful! I’m also very happy to be part of Eyeful’s team and I promise you that we will make our best to art your life to the fullest.

Visual art is part of my life since... forever and I expressed myself in many ways such as drawing, iconography, digital drawing and most of all, painting and photography. This two are practically my best friends since high school when I started studying art at National College of Arts, Constanta.

I like to consider myself an abstract artist because this is what simply defines me. This is the only type of art that gives me the experience of being surprised at the end of each art piece; which is why the Eyeful team completes my vision and gives me the opportunity and the courage to share it with you, and that’s why, my mission becomes OUR mission.

Our vision is to provide you original abstract artworks that will improve your lives and also bring more color and harmony to the space where you spend most of your time.

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About the artwork

About the artwork

Abstract art has been born centuries ago. Some of the earliest examples can be found in the calligraphy of Chinese and Islamic culture. But the abstract art which we generally refer to as a new visual language originated from around the late 19th century. Abstract artists breaking free from tradition used shapes, lines and color to present a new, bolder illusion of visible reality.

The concept was to create abstract art which reflected the important changes science and philosophy had bestowed on society. A lot of artists believed that representational art failed to communicate these new ideas and interpretations. So they set about creating a new set of aesthetics, one which would show the transcendental realities behind the physical world.

Abstract artists feel free when they create original art, because they can escape realism and produce artwork that's heavily influenced on their mood or current state of mind. The viewers generally love this painting style because it can connect with them, often in a way that they don't understand. Therefore, it's fair to say that an abstract painting can promote curiosity and even change the mood of an individual. It displays lines, shapes and colors in a way that expresses emotion, art is reflective and does not have to necessarily be definable.


Also, in the near future we do not rule out the possibility of developing new collaborations for those art enthusiasts who intend to become more visible on the online area and would like to be part of the Eyeful team, in order to monetize their own artworks.