Marble Touch

artwork completed in 2020

Original artwork
€ 270.00
*VAT included
"Marble Touch" - natural textures inspired by the elegance of marble with an add of color meant to enliven your room.
- Artwork comes with a certificate of authenticity -
50 × 50 cm
alcohol ink
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About alcohol ink

Alcohol Ink art is one of the main members of the fluid arts family, which are composed of acrylic pouring, resin art, and alcohol inks. Fluid art is when you take a medium in liquid form and let the pigments run wild, creating abstract pieces. Indeed, alcohol inks fit nicely into this description as you can create magnificent abstract pieces by just letting the inks flow, and then controlling them using different techniques. However, the beauty of alcohol inks is that they also allow you to create fantastic realistic pieces. Whether you choose to make abstract art or realistic art, the possibilities are unlimited and you are bound by nothing. Let’s just say that in this scenario, the sky is the limit!

Because of the nature of these inks there is a variety of techniques and styles that are unique to alcohol inks, and which allow for an endless river of creation to continually flow.

Alcohol ink art is an incredibly fun and absolutely vibrant art form that could truly art your life!

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