Wild Wave

artwork completed in 2020

Original artwork
€ 340.00
*VAT included
"Wild Wave" - nature always amazes us with its spectacular manifestations, and this painting emphasizes exactly its wild character, conferred especially by the extra wide shape of the canvas that allows an infinite wave.
- Artwork comes with a certificate of authenticity -
90 × 30 cm
acrylic pouring
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About acrylic pouring

Acrylic Pouring art is a painting technique discovered in the 1930s by Mexican social realist painter David Alfaro Siqueiros, has re-emerged and is taking social media by storm.

It is a fascinating fluid painting technique based on acrylic paint, which can be brought into a liquid, pourable consistency with the addition of a pouring medium and other additives as required. Depending on the technique, this liquefied paint is then poured into each other or tilted onto the canvas and distributed by tilting the painting surface. Depending on the choice of paint, the medium, and the additives, different effects are created.

The meditative pouring technique allows the artist to be as complex in their techniques as they like, depending on the mediums and tools they choose to work with. It's an creative way to play with color and explore the techniques origins in physics.

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